K40 Laser 40W CO2 Laser Z Axis Adjustable bed

K40 Laser 40W CO2 Laser Z Axis Adjustable bed

Here we offer part of our extension series for a 40W CO2 laser.
Our K40 Laser Z height-adjustable table has been specially designed for the K40 Laser in order to process the different thicknesses of the materials.

Thanks to the stable and effective design of the height adjustment, our table reaches a height of max. 55 mm.

K40 Laser Z Height-adjustable table is lasered from a very stable birch plywood and can take higher loads.
The table surface has a dimension of 260 mm x 350 mm.

With our K40 Laser Z height adjustable table you have the following advantages:

  • With the aluminum plate, cleaning work is easier and easier for you,

and you have no leftovers in the laser room.

  • A height setting of max. 55 mm. You have significantly more choice of materials.
  • Thanks to the stepper motor, you do not have to adjust the height manually.
  • The whole table is pre-assembled, so you save assembly.
  • You have the individual choice of the colors of the plastic parts.
  • 3D printed parts have an extremely stable infill.
  • Our table has 12 ball bearings.

Scope of delivery:

  • Pre-assembled Z lifting table with or without motor.

Controller is not included.