40W CO2 Laser Air Assist Nozzle v2

40W CO2 Laser Air Assist Nozzle v2

Here is a part of our expansion series for a 40W CO2 laser.


The Air Assist Nozzle v2 has been specially designed for 40W lasers to blow away the smoke created during laser cutting.


With this Air Assist Nozzle you have three big advantages:

  • A clean laser picture.
  • The laser lens is no longer polluted by the rising smoke.
  • A simpler alignment of the material thanks to the laser


The Air Assist Nozzle is made of PLA material with a very stable infill.


Our set consists of a 3D printing part (Nozzle) a 5015 fan and 2 line laser Without energy chain.


Other colors on request.

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